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The safe and easy way to buy a car.

Every car is inspected, title verified and lien checked.

The fast way to sell your car for best value.

When hundreds of buyers compete, you get the best value.

Trade-up benefit

How to save thousands of dollars on your next car

Your car is worth more than you think with MintList

Did you know that you pay up to 26% tax when you buy a car? But if you trade in, you’ll only have to pay taxes on the cash difference. 

At MintList, we make hundreds of dealers compete for your business. You can sell your “old wheels” to any dealer who makes the best offer, and then you can buy any car from any dealer. With MintList you only pay tax on the difference, saving you $1000s.

Your car’s value
(via auction)
Your tax credit
(Up to 26%)
Your future car value
(Eligible value for trade-in)


An abundance of new and used cars for you to explore

lincoln nautilus

Porsche 911

189,995est. $2,496/mo
jaguar xf

Acura TLX

65,995est. $867/mo
ford mustang

Toyota Tundra

85,995est. $1,130/mo


91,995est. $1,208/mo

Refreshing features

Access both,
new and used cars from
well-known brands.
Our comprehensive
warranty on every car
has your back.

Save $1000s by selling
your car when you buy a
new one

Buy 100% online or
take your reserved car
out for a spin.

All cars
come with a
CarFax report.

We vet all partners, so we
know the title is authentic,
free and clear.

CarFax report on every
car, every time.

Our comprehensive warranty
on every car has your back.

We vet all partners, so we
know the title is authentic,
free and clear.

Save $1000s by selling
your car when you buy a
new one

Reserve any car on our
platform and drop by the
dealership to test drive

Access to cars in both
new and used condition.

what they say

Our customers care to share


“Awesome work, thank you so much!! I loved the customer service 😊 Btw. I had an offer on my car yesterday. I just waited for the auction to finish before deciding. She offered 19,500 which I just turned down and she asked me about your information. So I am referring you to her”

Mazda CX-5 - Sold for $20,600


Thank you for helping us! I will definitely refer you to anyone who's selling or buying a car. It was nice to meet you in person and I really appreciate your understanding!

2019 Jeep Cherokee


Thank you very much for your all help and wonderful customer service. It was a very easy process and took only 10 min and I was good to go. I got more money than my dealer offered me. If anyone is thinking to sell their car, Mintlist is the place to come. I would highly recommend Mintlist.

raj mintlist testimonial
| 2021 Mazda CX-5


I have listed 2 vehicles on Mintlist and they were great helping me and following up throughout both processes. They tried to get me the best deal possible the whole time. I ended up selling my Tacoma for the amount I wanted through Mintlist and they got me $13,000 more for my Tesla than the trade-in value Tesla offered me. I will definitely try to use Mintlist when I have another vehicle to sell! Thanks

| Toyota Tacoma & Tesla

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