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Explore remote-friendly, flexible opportunities and join our mission to inspire change in automotive retail with impactful, innovative solutions

Why Mintlist?

  • We’re a well funded start-up with deep contacts in the industry we work in
  • We’re smart and embrace new ideas, fostering innovation in a fast paced, high energy environment
  • Work-life balance – we work hard but know you need a life outside of work, too
  • We’re local, and our Founders are at work every day, alongside the team, making a difference together.
  • We thrive on crazy ideas to make things better tempered by critical decision making and provide opportunities for people to learn new skills and gain experience with new technology.

Our Mission

We inspire change in automotive retail with impactful, innovative solutions.

Our Vision

We will be the go-to platform to buy anything, sell anything, and trade everything

Our Values

Question Normal:

We embrace a culture of constant innovation, pushing boundaries, and challenging the status quo. We encourage creativity, experimentation, curiosity, and the pursuit of breakthrough ideas that drive our company and industry forward.

Do the Right Thing:

Integrity, honesty, respect, and sustainability form the bedrock of our approach at Mintlist.

Stay Humble:

We embrace humility and foster a culture of respect, treating others with dignity and valuing diverse perspectives. We leave egos behind, creating an environment where collaboration and teamwork thrive


At Mintlist, we embody responsibility, accountability, determination, and passion in all that we undertake.

Career opportunities

Explore our open roles for working totally remote, from the office or someplace in between.


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