Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost my dealership to buy a Car on MintList?
It depends on your dealership’s subscription plan. If you’re not on a plan, you can still bid and buy cars on MintList, but you’ll pay a higher fee.
Are there any other fees I have to pay?
No, we don’t charge your dealership any other fees.
Can I view the car before the auction in person?
No, you can’t.
What assurances do I have that this car is real?
We provide you with a CarFax Verified Report on each vehicle, and our inspection report. You will need to confirm the vehicle’s ownership and do your own due diligence like you would with any other buy-in.
What happens at the end of the auction?
We contact the consumer to dePleatermine if they accept the high bid amount, or to solicit a counter offer. We then report back to you to make the deal happen. This mostly happens automatically, all online on your MintList dashboard.
I’m the highest bidder, but I don’t see that I bought the car, what’s next?
At the end of the auction we confirm the high bid amount with the consumer seller. If they accept it, we connect you and the consumer. That’s it.
What happens if the car has a lien on it?
Many of these vehicles have current bank liens that will require payout. We provide you with a CarFax Verified Lien report with each car you purchase. You’ll need to conduct your regular dealership due diligence and lien payoff process.
What about arbitration?
Every consumer car sold on our platform to you is backed by a 7day/100km Powertrain Warranty. We do not offer any additional coverage above and beyond this, see our terms and conditions for a complete explanation of our arbitration process.
How does the car get delivered to me?
The consumer is obligated to deliver the vehicle to you, if you’re within a 15km radius. If you’re bidding on a car outside your local area, you’ll need to arrange pickup at your cost.
Who do I pay for the car?
You pay the consumer directly for the vehicle.
When do I have to pay for the car?
You need to have a cheque ready for the consumer when they drop off the vehicle to you.
How do I pay the MintList Fee?
We will invoice you monthly for our fee.
What happens if there is undisclosed damage to the car, when I receive it?
You’ll need to contact us at 1.833.ITS.MINT or and we will assess and arbitrate this between you and the consumer.
What happens if the car has mechanical issues?
We pre-inspect all our cars. You’ll need to contact us at 1.833.ITS.MINT or and we will assess and arbitrate this between you and the consumer.
Can I charge the consumer any fees for damage or detailing, or registration fees, etc?
No. This would violate your dealer agreement with us, and your dealership will be removed from our platform.
Can I withdraw my bid?
No, you can’t.
How do I cancel a deal I’ve made to buy a car?
You can’t. If the consumer accepts the high bid within 24 hours after the auction completes, you’re bound to complete the deal.
How long does the auction take?
We run auctions at specified times, once or twice a week, depending on volume. Once an auction starts, it takes 45 minutes to complete, unless there are multiple bids within the last 30 seconds of each auction, in which case an additional 30 seconds will be added to the clock.
When do I get to talk to the consumer seller?
Once the consumer has agreed to accept the high bid, we will inform you and connect you to the consumer seller via email as well as share additional contact information. From here on, you and the seller decide the logistics of the exchange.
Can the consumer see which dealer is bidding on their car?
No, they can’t.
Can I offer the consumer a deal on a car in my inventory and use their car as a trade-in?
Of course you can! We’ll be rolling this feature out shortly, but for now you will have to do it the old fashioned way.
The car got here and it’s not what I expected. Can I offer the consumer less money for it?
Once the consumer accepts your bid, the deal is done. You cannot change your bid. However, if you spot an undisclosed damage on your newly arrived car, please contact us at 1.833.ITS.MINT or and we will assess and arbitrate this between you and the consumer.
The consumer lives in Kamloops, and my dealership is in Vancouver, who pays to get the car to my dealership?
You do. All our cars are listed with the City clearly identified, so be sure to account for that in your bids.
The consumer agreed to drop off the car last week, but it hasn’t arrived. How long can the consumer take for the deal to still remain valid?
The consumer must deliver the car to you within a week. After this, you have no obligation to complete the deal.
Do I have to pick up the car from the consumer or will they bring it to our dealership?
If the consumer is within 15km of your dealership, they are required to bring the car to you. However, you can agree to pick up the car from the consumer, if you wish. If the car is more than 15km away from your dealership, then you’ll be required to arrange for the car pick up as well as bear related expenses.
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