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Working with Mintlist was great... easy, reliable and hassle free selling of my car. Valued the time saved vs selling privately ... the additional $ that I maybe could have received selling privately was not worth it in my opinion.Very good service for busy people or people who don't want to deal with negotiating with unreliable/unprofessional individuals hoping for one buyer that might show up.The final buyer (a dealer) paid when they picked up the car and paperwork was quick and easy. Highly recommend.
Peter Wong
Peter Wong
MintList was an absolutely phenomenal service! I wish that I had another car to sell on this platform!A few weeks ago, I decided to sell my car due to the rising costs to own and operate it. Upon referral from a friend, I signed up to sell my car on MintList. That afternoon, I uploaded photos of my car on their system (super easy to use and guided me exactly to what was needed) and was in contact with a rep who outlined exactly the process I would be expecting.My car was put up for auction the next morning, where the same rep was in constant communication with myself to update me of what was taking place. After negotiating the price with the winning bidder, the MintList rep supported me through the transition documentation, as required for transfer of legal ownership. I met up with the seller the next day who verified the damage report and findings of the MintList software. And just like that, within 48 hours my car was successfully sold at market value price.Could not have been happier with the service provided, the communication from the MintList team, as well as the overall result.
What can I say- except wow.I had done a lot of research on the appropriate avenue for myself to sell my beloved vehicle. After stumbling upon MintList - I immediately contacted them with minimal expectations after some very unpleasant sourcing with others. From the very initial interaction messaging the chat, to a prompt follow up call by a team member and the entire process was so seamless, stress-free and surprisingly pleasant. It is very uncommon to find such high quality customer service in the auto industry and these guys made it a more enjoyable experience that I would have never imagined. Craig and Jeff were outstanding and provided me with a lot of reassurance and clarity with every step. I’m happy to say within 24 hours my vehicle was put up on auction and sold. I was provided with coaching with each step and it was exciting to watch and be given access to the live biding from my home! Setting up and taking images of your car was quick & easy. For those in a time crunch to sell or need the time and resources to source a new vehicle without added sales pressure these guys are for you! Highly recommend, and it’s great to support a local Vancouver business!
Ines Lavaggi
Ines Lavaggi
I decided selling our car the conventional way was taking too long. We were also getting unqualified buyers responding to our posts. So we signed up with MintList, followed their simple steps to capture photos of our car, and our car was sold the next morning. WOW. We were offered a great price from the morning auction and safely sold our car to a qualified buyer. The transaction completed a few days later as we exchanged the car and funds. Thank you MintList!
Karen Ott
Karen Ott
I was googling to determine what my 2016 Mini was worth and the Mint List website came up. I went into the site and was intrigued with the software package used to sell cars. I completed the process, my car went to auction and with the Mint List team, they were able to sell my car at the price I expected. Craig did a super job of follow up through the whole process and Jeff stepped in to help also. I am totally impressed with Mint List. I didn’t have to go through the process of advertising and meeting people for test drives. Definitely will use the service again. My car sold in 24 hours. Well done
Larry Kostyk
Larry Kostyk
I was super impressed when Mike, the owner, came to my place to help upload my pictures as it was having some issues. My listing went up on the auction and fetched me almost $7,000 more than what a Jaguar dealership and a Polestar dealership would offer for my rare 2017 F-Pace First Edition.The service that Jeff and his team and from the owner Mike was the best experience I ever had for selling any of my cars in the last 30+ years (many cars).Final word: strongly recommended and I have referred my friends toMintList.
Pat Fung
Pat Fung
MintList was the perfect option for us. Very professional and got us the best value for our car. Phillip was so helpful and walked us through every step of the process. Each time we had a question and were going to touch base, Phillip ended up contacting us first and giving us the information before we even asked the question. Besides great customer service, the website and app used to list your vehicle worked great, top notch! We will definitely use MintList again.
Kyle Gillard
Kyle Gillard
They’ve really made selling your used car a painless experience. Their online platform is very streamlined and user friendly, directing you through the entire listing process with a few photos and some additional info about your car. Craig was phenomenal at communicating to me about the listing and auction process. He genuinely wanted to see me get the highest price for my car. Amazingly, after the first showing of the car, he came back with an auction offer over my initial asking price - with no unnecessary hassle from semi-interested buyers! Very satisfied with the service this organization provides. They are professional and expedient with what they do. Thank you again for your help, Craig!
Tim Ross
Tim Ross
Fantastic service! Highly recommended to anyone wanting to sell their car. Friendly, patience and knowledgeable staff. They truly cared about getting me value for my used car and took all the work away from me. Easy online platform and my inquiry was replied to within hours giving me comfort I had found the right solution to sell my car. My car sold within days and I did not even need to leave my house. I will for sure use MintList again.
Kim Deschaine
Kim Deschaine
I decided to use Mint List even though it was outside of my comfort zone. The offers I had received up until then were not meeting my bottom line but MINT LIST went out of their way to negotiate with the buyer and made it happen! I am grateful to the seamless transaction and their friendly support.
Shantam Perry
Shantam Perry
We recently sold our SUV through MintList and were extremely surprised by the huge amount of support and assistance to get it sold for the highest price. Unlike most online platforms that make it impossible to actually reach a real person, the MintList team are there for you. This included far more than just completing the listing; they provided support with detailing the vehicle, having photos taken, as well as an inspection for potential buyers. They then actively marketed the SUV. From beginning to end it was a wonderfully supportive platform with real people behind it, I would highly recommend MintList to buy or sell a vehicle !
Douglas Horne
Douglas Horne
Sold my car through MintList in less than 24 hours, such an amazing experience! Posted photos and details of my car at around 8pm, the auction happened 10am the next day, and I sold my car by 4pm that day.Got a decent price for my car that I was very happy with!The MintList team was very forthcoming to make things work for me. Andrew called me a few times to guide me through the whole process and answered the questions that I had. Jeff and Mike also communicated with me via email. The whole team was very supportive and made me feel very comfortable with listing my car with them.The bidding process was very clear and transparent. During the 45-min auction period, I could see the bid prices in real time, and understood how much the buyers were willing to pay for my car.I strongly recommend using MintList for their great customer service, auction pricing model and efficiency. If you want to sell your car and want to avoid the hagglers out there, definitely give MintList a shot!
A FANTASTIC experience from start to finish, and I’m confident that I got the best price possible for my car. I appreciated that there were no test drives or tire-kickers wasting my time. The team were great to deal with; responsive, helpful and professional. Thanks MintList for making the process so painless.
Christine Jagoe
Christine Jagoe

Trade-up benefit

How to save thousands of dollars on your next car

Your car is worth more than you think with MintList

Did you know that you pay up to 26% tax when you buy a car? But if you trade in, you’ll only have to pay taxes on the cash difference. 

At MintList, we make hundreds of dealers compete for your business. You can sell your “old wheels” to any dealer who makes the best offer, and then you can buy any car from any dealer. With MintList you only pay tax on the difference, saving you $1000s.

Your car’s value
(via auction)
Your tax credit
(Up to 26%)
Your future car value
(Eligible value for trade-in)


An abundance of new and used cars for you to explore

lincoln nautilus

Porsche 911

189,995est. $2,496/mo
jaguar xf

Acura TLX

65,995est. $867/mo
ford mustang

Toyota Tundra

85,995est. $1,130/mo


91,995est. $1,208/mo

Refreshing features

Access both,
new and used cars from
well-known brands.
Our comprehensive
warranty on every car
has your back.

Save $1000s by selling
your car when you buy a
new one

Buy 100% online or
take your reserved car
out for a spin.

All cars
come with a
CarFax report.

We vet all partners, so we
know the title is authentic,
free and clear.

CarFax report on every
car, every time.

Our comprehensive warranty
on every car has your back.

We vet all partners, so we
know the title is authentic,
free and clear.

Save $1000s by selling
your car when you buy a
new one

Reserve any car on our
platform and drop by the
dealership to test drive

Access to cars in both
new and used condition.

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We partner with the best dealers to ensure you get the best price for your car and the largest selection of cars to choose from.

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