What You Need to Know About Online Car Auctions

Aug 2, 2022 | MintlistBlog

Have you tried to buy a new car lately? Car prices have skyrocketed! 

Blame those high prices on limited supply, high demand, or the weather; with the recent economic downturn, more and more people are turning to second hand cars as an affordable alternative. 

Now if you’re car savvy or even mechanically inclined, you can probably tell a good deal from a poor one. However, novice buyers can find buying a used car overwhelming, confusing, and outright stressful. 

Buying a car can involve driving around town (lost) all day to visit countless dealerships, shaking hands with suspect strangers, and faking a smile while pretending to understand the difference between a CPO and a CVT.

As consumers, we’re cautious by nature, and perhaps more so when it comes to spending our hard earned money. Buying a car can evoke a very offending fear of being ripped-off. 

In fact, car salesmen made the list in a 2021 public opinion poll where people trusted “car salespeople” less than advertisers, elected members of Parliament, and lawyers!

(Not that all car salespeople are bad. My neighbour’s sister’s ex-husband sells cars, and he seems pretty nice. Plus, the team at MintList have done a great job of assembling  great people at great dealerships, you just have to know someone who knows someone. Like us!)

Attending a car auction is another way to find a car — especially for car enthusiasts looking for a specific make or model. Car auctions could mean a lot less driving around, fewer awkward handshakes, and at least the option to look-up car jargon definitions on your smartphone.

Yet despite all your effort, you could still be outbid on your dream car. Trying to sell your vehicle at a car auction could bring its own set of problems, like not getting the best value for your car or dealing with fees and obligations. 

So what about buying or selling your car online via Craigslist or Kijiji? 

Online classifieds have a scary reputation for too good to be true scams and fraud cases. Unless you enjoy dealing with strangers calling and emailing at all hours of the day, no-shows, blurry pictures, or one word answers to your legitimate questions (right?), then this option doesn’t seem to be the most reliable way to buy or sell your vehicle.

The rising popularity of online car auctions

A Global Automotive Enthusiasts brand, Hagerty, reports that the used-car market actually grew in 2020 and online revenue more than doubled during that same period. 

The post-pandemic world’s “stay-at-home and shop online” attitude seems to have solidified the success of online car auctions, and now there is no turning back. Online car auctions are here to stay. 

MintList – A new way to auction your car

MintList is an online auction platform powered by our patent-pending AI Technology – where users in Canada can buy, sell, and trade cars in minutes with no hassles or obligation.

The MintList Advantage:

  • The Auction process is fast (we’re talking minutes and hours, not days and weeks)! Our AI platform saves users time and money by automating the entire buying and selling process.
  • It’s easy to search and find the vehicles you’re looking for!
  • Vehicle details are uploaded and checked online with only a few clicks with no tire kicking, fake smiles or sweaty handshakes.
  • Buyers and sellers, although strangers, are registered users and have their information verified. Buyers on MintList are vetted, so you only receive legitimate offers. In fact, users who sold their car on MintList received up to $4,000 more than their best offer on other platforms or dealership visits.
  • Your personal information is secure and protected. We only share your transactional details to finalize your sale with a buyer.
  • Buying and selling your vehicle is hassle-free, with no negotiating, haggling, or hidden fees.


List your car on MintList in about 10 minutes, it’s easy:

  1. Create and verify your account.
  2. Our AI powered platform walks you through the listing process, which includes taking and uploading pictures of your car.
  3. Relax and watch the auction when it goes live.

We’ve made buying and selling your car simple, safe, and fast. We’re excited to bring this technology to you — we have friendly, knowledgeable support staff just a phone call away if you prefer to have a live person (no offense to our AI) walk you through our car listing process. 

List your car on MintList today or get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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