10 Best Cars for Snow: A Comprehensive Guide

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As winter approaches, choosing the right car for snowy conditions is critical for safety and comfort. Slippery roads, poor visibility, and snow buildup transform simple drives into precarious journeys. Vehicles equipped with capable features like all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, and blind-spot monitoring provide enhanced traction, stability, control, and visibility. These technologies make winter driving less stressful. This guide on the top 10 snow cars will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a vehicle that ensures comfort and safety throughout the winter season. Focus on cars with the ideal features to confidently traverse slippery surfaces, improved traction and maneuverability, and advanced driver-assist systems. Prioritizing these characteristics results in a steadfast companion for tackling winter’s challenges.


Key Features to Consider

When choosing a vehicle for driving in snowy conditions, there are three key features to prioritize: drivetrain options, ground clearance, and safety technologies.


Drivetrain Options

Having the right drivetrain is crucial for maintaining traction and control in snowy conditions. All-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) deliver engine power to all four wheels, improving traction over front-wheel or rear-wheel drive vehicles. AWD systems work automatically to transfer power between front and rear axles as needed, making them ideal for on-road driving. 4WD requires manually shifting into different modes depending on conditions and is better suited for off-road driving. For most drivers, AWD offers the optimal blend of traction and ease of use. When comparing vehicles, prioritize AWD or 4WD over two-wheel drive options.


Ground Clearance

Adequate ground clearance prevents your vehicle from getting stuck in deep snow. SUVs and trucks tend to offer higher clearances, with many modern options providing 7 inches or more. This allows driving through snowdrifts and poorly plowed roads without the vehicle’s underside scraping the surface. Areas that receive heavy snowfall require more clearance than those with light dustings. When test-driving vehicles, take note of their ability to pass through uncleared snow piles without scraping. Higher clearances around 7 inches or more provide confidence in winter weather.


Safety Technology

Advanced safety tech helps maintain control in slippery conditions. Features like anti-lock brakes prevent wheels from locking up and enable steering when braking on ice or snow. Traction control reduces wheel slippage to avoid loss of control. Blind spot monitoring and forward collision warnings are also essential when visibility is reduced. Newer technologies like automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control add another layer of protection. Prioritize vehicles that offer the latest safety developments to give you peace of mind in hazardous winter conditions.


Selecting a vehicle with a capable drivetrain, adequate ground clearance, and modern safety tech makes for confident, stress-free winter driving. Don’t compromise on these key features.


Top Picks for Snow Cars

When picking a car for winter, traction, clearance, and safety should be your top concerns. Not every ride handles snow equally. In this part, we’ll highlight 10 models built for slick and icy conditions. 



An image of Subaru Outback |Best Cars for Snow

An image of Subaru Outback |Best Cars for Snow


1- Subaru Outback

The Outback is a snow champ thanks to its solid AWD system and over 7 inches of ground clearance to plow through the deep stuff. Starting around 27 grand, it brings more than just rugged capability. You also get the latest safeguards like collision braking and blind spot alerts. Subaru doesn’t always hype its winter features, but its focus on safety and performance says it all. With its smart blend of traction, protection, and value, the Outback is a practical pick for drivers who need an affordable vehicle ready to tackle winter’s worst. Whether it’s snowy highways or icy backroads, this Subaru has the guts to get you there.



An image of Subaru Ascent |Best Cars for Snow

An image of Subaru Ascent |Best Cars for Snow


2- Subaru Ascent

The Ascent is another Subaru snow warrior thanks to its unstoppable AWD system and nearly 9 inches of ground clearance to power through the deepest snow drifts. Priced from around 33 grand, you get more than an off-road beast – it’s equipped with the latest tech like automatic braking and lane centering to avoid trouble. Subaru’s rep speaks for itself here. Beyond performance, the Ascent offers generous space and USB ports to keep the whole family powered up on winter road trips. If you need to crest rocky paths in deep snow, the Ascent has the grit and smarts to get you there safely. It’s the total package for drivers facing extreme winter conditions.



An image of Volvo XC40 |Best Cars for Snow

An image of Volvo XC40 |Best Cars for Snow


3- Volvo XC40

The XC40 brings both luxury and winter readiness with its optional AWD system and over 8 inches of clearance to traverse snowbanks. Priced from around $35k, it prioritizes safety as much as comfort, packing tech like blind spot monitoring and lane departure alerts. Volvo’s site is light on snow specifics, but owners rave about its traction control on slick surfaces. The XC40 offers different drive modes, too, including a smooth, low-traction Eco mode perfect for snowy starts. With its emphasis on both security and performance, the stylish XC40 can confidently handle winter roads without sacrificing luxury trappings. It’s a refined choice for drivers wanting comfort and confidence in harsh conditions.


An image of Acura RDX |Best Cars for Snow

An image of Acura RDX |Best Cars for Snow


4- Acura RDX

The RDX brings versatility for all conditions with its available AWD and over 8 inches of clearance to power through the white stuff. Starting at approximately $42,000, it comes with features to help you navigate icy roads, such as alerts for potential collisions and automatic braking. The RDX also touts advanced torque vectoring for precision handling even in poor weather. Its Snow mode optimizes traction by managing power to each wheel. And with 1,500 pounds of max towing capacity, you can hitch up a sled or snowmobile for winter fun. The capable RDX has the technology and grit to get it done in style for those needing an all-purpose vehicle to take on snow and anything else.



An image of Audi A4 |Best Cars for Snow

An image of Audi A4 |Best Cars for Snow


5- Audi A4

The luxury A4 sedan comes prepared for winter with its standard AWD for optimal traction and over 6 inches of clearance to handle moderate snow. Starting around $41k, it’s equipped with cold-weather features like heated mirrors to prevent fogging and automatic climate control for comfort. The A4 prioritizes safety, too, packing systems that detect pedestrians and avoid collisions to give confidence in poor conditions. While not the most rugged, its AWD, ground clearance, and high-tech driver aids make the refined A4 a secure luxury choice when roads get slick. For those wanting comfort without sacrificing capability, the A4 brings peace of mind to get you through the winter in style.


An image of Hyundai Kona SEL |Best Cars for Snow

An image of Hyundai Kona SEL |Best Cars for Snow


6- Hyundai Kona SEL

The well-equipped Kona SEL brings versatility for snow with its optional AWD and ample 6.7-inch clearance. Starting around $24k, its 2.0L 4-cylinder engine balances power and efficiency. An 8-way power driver’s seat keeps you comfy in harsh conditions. The Kona comes ready for winter with 17-inch alloys, connected tech features, and advanced safety like pedestrian detection and blind spot collision avoidance. Between its available traction, high-tech amenities, and reasonable price, the Kona hits a sweet spot for drivers needing an affordable crossover to own the winter. Whether you pick FWD or AWD, this Hyundai has the features and capability to handle Old Man Winter’s toughest days.


An image of Mercedes-Benz E-Class |Best Cars for Snow

An image of Mercedes-Benz E-Class |Best Cars for Snow


7- Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The luxurious E-Class lets you conquer winter in style with its available AWD traction and ample safety tech. Starting around $56k, it exudes refinement from the inside out. While its clearance is lower at 6.1 inches, the E-Class makes up for it with high-end features like blind spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking to ensure confident driving on slick roads. For those wanting premium comfort without sacrificing capability, the E-Class coupes technology with elegance. Its advanced systems and optional AWD provide the security to traverse snow-covered streets safely while surrounded by first-class finishes. When only the best will do, the E-Class brings elite luxury to winter driving.


An image of Hyundai Tucson |Best Cars for Snow

An image of Hyundai Tucson |Best Cars for Snow


8- Hyundai Tucson

The Tucson provides an affordable SUV option for snow with its available AWD and 7.1 inches of clearance to power through winter’s worst. Starting around $26k, it looks out for you with driver alert monitoring and auto high beams for safer driving. Tucson’s SmartSense tech adds peace of mind, too, with collision avoidance and blind spot warning systems ready for slick roads. An available intelligent AWD system actively manages torque between axles to maintain control. Tucson checks the boxes for families needing a reliable and reasonably priced SUV to own the ice and snow. With its blend of traction, ground clearance, and advanced safety tech, it’s built to take on Old Man Winter and win.


An image of Toyota Camry |Best Cars for Snow

An image of Toyota Camry |Best Cars for Snow


9- Toyota Camry

The Camry sedan steps up to winter with an available AWD drivetrain and decent 5.7-inch clearance for a car. Starting around $27k, it can be equipped with a cold-weather package that includes heated seats, wheels, and mirrors to keep you cozy. Safety techs like pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts, and collision prevention also provide confidence on slick roads. While not an SUV, the Camry proves sedans can still handle snow when properly equipped. Between its optional AWD, comfy heating features, and advanced safety gear, the Camry has transformed into a winter warrior ready to easily tackle snow and ice.


An image of Mazda3 |Best Cars for Snow

An image of Mazda3 |Best Cars for Snow


10- Mazda3

The Mazda3 combines performance and protection with its optional AWD and decent 5.5-inch clearance to handle light snow. Starting around $22k, it comes with advanced safety like blind spot monitoring, emergency braking, and lane departure warnings to avoid trouble on slick surfaces. Mazda’s i-Activsense tech takes it further with sophisticated systems that identify hazards and prevent collisions in poor conditions. For drivers needing an affordable, stylish ride equipped for winter’s challenges, the Mazda3 checks all the boxes. Between its available traction, safety gear, and reasonable pricing, this Mazda gives you the confidence to navigate snow-covered roads in style.


How to Maintain Your Car in Snowy Conditions

Proper winter vehicle maintenance goes beyond just checking the battery and oil. It’s important to frequently replace windshield wiper blades for clear visibility, use winter-grade washer fluid containing antifreeze, and switch to multi-viscosity motor oil formulated for colder temperatures. Batteries lose power in the cold, while standard oil thickens, making it harder for the engine to start. Comprehensive winter maintenance involves addressing these issues through fresh wiper blades, cold-resistant washer fluid, and the right motor oil. These steps ensure your vehicle performs reliably in snowy conditions all winter.



Picking the right car for winter isn’t just about labels; it’s thinking through what you need. AWD or 4WD, clearance, safety stuff – you must weigh it all based on how and where you drive. What works for your neighbor might not fit your situation. Advanced tech, like collision warnings, can make a big difference, though. At the end of the day, driving cautiously and responsibly matters most, even in a tricked-out vehicle. Don’t forget the basics of taking it slow and avoiding unnecessary risks. If you think through your own needs and drive smart, you’ll get through winter safely in the car that fits you best.


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